Customer Survey Results

"We asked our clients to respond to our survey.
45% did so, these are the results."
Nick Taylor, Managing Director.


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How did you find out about us?

72% Recommendation
22% General Awareness
6% Online

What persuaded you to buy from us?

47% Recommendation
37% Initial Enquiry Response
16% Quality
16% Reputation
11% Value

Our greatest strengths according to our customers

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What would you change about us?

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How would you rate e-blueprint's quality of
customer service from 1 (Poor), 2 (Fair), 3
(Good), 4 (Very Good), to 5 (Excellent)
22 Answered...

4.68 Responding to your enquiry
4.43 Quoting for the job
4.23 Planning and project management
4.48 Quality of the work
4.06 On-going campaign management
4.20 Post-implementation Support
4.20 Supporting your business
4.24 Phone, email and other contact

How likely is it that you would recommend
e-blueprint to a friend or colleague? Where 0
is not very likely and 10 is very likely.
22 Answered...


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