Rachael Bampton-Smith


Rachael Bampton Smith asked us to improve her website profile via content driven SEO and to also create a new website in line with her colour scheme and branding through visually led designs and dynamic u/x experience.


We created and engaging website that is Sector Led with a heavy onus on Event Production engaging content bringing confidence, trust and reassurance of a job well done maintaining a professional tone of voice throughout the content.

The website boasts a customised back-end content management system that can be updated by the user at any time without the need for a developer, this ensures that costs are kept to a minimum for the standard upkeep of the website.

If you are interested in finding out how bespoke web design with converting web traffic into sales can work for your business please e-mail nick.taylor@e-blueprint.co.uk.

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Powerful techniques for your email marketing campaigns

Engage your clients and win valuable meetings and projects from your email marketing campaigns

Remember, if you have their email address you already have the relationship!

If you have a person’s email address you have had some contact with that person already (unless you’ve bought it of course… and therefore do not collect £200 and do not pass GO!). Your contact database is probably made up of customers from the distant past, active customers or people that you’ve engaged with at some point. The main point here however, is that you have engaged them, there was a mutual interest there at some point, so review those relationships and think about whether you have something meaningful to say to them!

Your business will broadly fit into two categories online. e-commerce product based sales or service based, professional services. I’m classifying social, enterprise and charities etc. all under ‘service’. Both have different viewpoints and points of engagement but I find these useful to consider:

e-Commerce Based Websites:

If you are running an e-commerce website customers may have bought from you and you’ll have some quite sophisticated information about the type of things they have bought from you and infer what else can be bought. You’re in a good spot you know you have something people want, now its time to develop and re-market to those customers. What you don’t have is a relationship with that person, so it’s likely they’ll forget you even if they love what you have sold to them. You have to have a building block to build that relationship; points 2 & 3 below will tell you how.

Service Based Websites:

When you don’t have the luxury of an e-commerce shop that offers the opportunity to collate customer email addresses. You’ll need to create a more natural tool of building your email database and understanding what your customers want. Its much more likely people will be using your website for reference after a referral, through Social Media or finding you ‘blind’ via Search Engines. In which, case the percentages are stacked against you… potential customers may visit you but you’ll be none the wiser when or who has visited unless you capture their email address. To do this, develop some content that solves a problem these customers have or even an online tool that helps users get answers to their questions. You’ll need a mechanism to allow them to access the tool, either by sending a username and password or by collating the information in a free download or access to that tool by submitting their email address to you. Both routes are great ways to target people and build an audience because you’ll start to understand what they want. You see this technique used here in this blog! and its really simple to get this setup and repeated across your website.

NB: There are more sophisticated tools to track users on your website and re-market to them. Use a tracking tool to identify that user and offer them more ways to engage with you. Ruler Analytics is a good way to track these visitors too.


An insight into e-blueprint making the difference for the International Tennis Tournament

intllogoWe were delighted to win the opportunity to work with Northern Vision and be recognised as the official partner and deliver the branding, marketing materials, website and e-communications.

Anders Borg told us, “We deliver World Class tennis players to Liverpool each year. e-blueprint has delivered us a service to match. They have created the new face of the International’s branding, helped smooth the transition to a new venue and through their creativity and ability to hit continuously demanding deadlines. Their work has proven to be a key cornerstone of this year’s campaign”.

Our experience in managing an event of this size has been one of the highlights of the year. We’ve previously worked with Sandown Park Racecourse  and developed other tennis websites like Mersey Bowmen Tennis Club and the Liverpool Tennis Foundation and its been particular good to continue to work in a sport we love. When we took the call from the Northern Vision team we were engaged to help raise the profile of the event and secure more bookings. e-commerce & lead generation is fundamental to work we do for our clients, combined with our impressive track record delivering large branding and digital marketing this project drew on our core skill set and enabled our team to showcase a range of creative design and digital marketing techniques we employ.

Brand Development

We were engaged to deliver new branding that would energise the Liverpool International Tennis Tournament but also the portfolio of International Tournaments in Norway and Spain. The brand created, provided a flexible structure to accommodate various title sponsors and venues over time and new locations around the world.


We were previously involved in delivering the Liverpool Tennis Foundation branding and website which offer us the opportunity to appeal to kids and bring a little ‘cool’ to tennis in the city.

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 10.56.09 Click here to read more about this project…

Venue launch

It's Not Just Cricket Board copy600px

The change of venue from Calderstones Park to the Liverpool Cricket Club needed to be managed with care. We developed an iconic symbol to represent this year’s tournament and something for the public to associate to the new brand. This was backed by the ‘It’s not just Cricket.. it’s Tennis’ slogan to re-enforce and announce the new iconic venue across a series of billboard advertisements.

Venue launch – Press conference:

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 10.39.11

One of the UK’s big doubles hope for the next few years are Liverpool’s own Skupski brothers! They launched the new venue and e-blueprint provided the design work for all print literature, and TV press backdrops.  The banners developed the ‘Its just not Cricket” theme  and the press backdrop detailed this year’s sponsors.

Marketing materials

In the lead up to the four day tournament, Liverpool One’s Chavasse Park is transformed and a full sized tennis court in brought in for the festival of tennis over two weeks. We’ve created a series of marketing materials, including flags, digital banners and posters for this event which precedes the tennis Gala dinner and a range of other flyers and promotions including; posters across the city, plasma screen adverts for Liverpool One, magazine and newspaper adverts, flags, advertising hoardings and billboards. Special attention has been given to the tournament’s programme and VIP tickets and materials.  Special praise needs to go to our design team, David and Rich who worked tirelessly to make sure all the design for print was delivered on time and to specification. Tournament printers, WildThang were also fantastic with their flexibility and support.

New online presence

The launch of the new Liverpool International Tennis website has been one of the most exciting aspects of this year’s campaign. We revitalised the website with some beautiful hand drawn illustrations over some of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings to present the world class players (these are now seen across all of the social media platforms Twitter and Facebook). The website is now accessible on all mobile devices by re-sizing and responding to the size of the device used. The design and architecture of the website has been developed to help drive ticket sales, it is more focussed on tennis fans and gives people a much better feel for the tournament, its history as well as all the vital information such as the Tournament’s history and ‘how to get here’. It is a modern attractive design that appeals to all ages of tennis fans and helps represent and position sponsors.


Event Manager Viktoriya Sabotinova told us : “e-blueprint are digital marketing agency that is the right balance of experience and fresh new ideas, their designers, web developers and online promotional team combine well and service our very demanding schedule. They have the right approach, fit our tournament ethos well and understand what we’re about. Sponsors and tennis fans alike are getting a great feel for the event and the cohesive branding across all printed materials and online is really bringing a new level of professionalism across everything promote publicly. We look forward to the next two year’s working with them”.


Mobile Friendly Update for Google’s ranking positions.

Google mobile Update April 2015


Why it is CRUCIAL to have a mobile friendly website in 2015?
There have been rumours circulating for some time now on how we should all get responsive with our websites and at the end of April that will become a reality with Google announcing that you should mobilise your website or you will likely be ‘significantly impacted’ in the rankings by the change to Google’s algorithms.

Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

This is mainly due to Google rewarding mobile friendly sites over non mobile-friendly sites by assessing every page for mobile friendliness. The algorithm will be applied in real-time meaning that a mobile-friendly site will the receive benefits immediately.


If you have been considering making your website mobile-friendly now is the time to make it happen. Google’s new algorithm will be rolled out across the Internet from the 21st April 2015 for about a week.

Book a Free Consultation and we’ll review how to minimise any cost:



The statistics clearly paint the picture – smartphone and tablet browsing is here to stay. The mobile market is rapidly expanding:

  • 85% of UK smartphone users have searched for local information, with 81 per cent of these then taking action as a result. (Source: hibu)
  • In Q3 2014, mobile commerce spending was up 17% year over year (Source: Factbrowser)
  • There are 183 million smartphone users in Europe, 35m of these are in the UK, which represents 55% of the UK population. (Source: The Centre For Retail Research)
  • Online sales via mobiles grew by 62% in 2014, which is the equivalent to 17.6% of the total UK online retail sales and it’s predicted to match that in 2015. (Source: The Centre For Retail Research)


  • Better Browsing Experience – Customers don’t want to fidget with a tiny menu or sift through a broken site, chances are they will move on to a competitor. Responsive web design minimises bounce rates and provides a perfect platform for on-the-go users.
  • Versatility – Your website’s shelf life will be increased if it can be viewed on many devices.
  • SEO – Responsive web design, ensures your content works in whatever space (viewport) it has to work in. This means better usability, one of the most overlooked aspects of a great SEO campaign.
  • Saves Money and Time – A responsive website over one made for specific devices has the added advantage that there is no need to design and develop additional sites for each type of device.
  • Easy To Manage – Content can be edited and uploaded to every device via one content management system.


Recent Feedback

“e-blueprint’s team took time and dedication to develop FGA’s website. It is mobile-enabled and a future proofed content management system. The client login area is worth particular note as its perfect for our clients to view their projects at leisure as it responds to whether they are viewing progress on their mobile whilst on-the-go or at leisure with an iPad.”

Francis Garner
Francis Garner Architects Managing Director

If you’d like to know more speak to one of our team on 0151 203 2073 or email nick.taylor@e-blueprint.co.uk about getting more information about how to make your website mobile friendly.

You can test to see if your website is mobile friendly here:

Here are some quick tips to prepare for this new change:

  • Baseline your SEO ranking positions for all your ‘keywords’ so you know your current ranking position.
  • Review Google analytics and look at your current popular pages and visitor numbers to see how these might be affected.
  • Create or review your Google Webmasters Usability report and check for errors that need to be fixed
  • For more information click here:
  • You may find these links from Google useful to help explain the importance and details about this change:


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Case Study: Francis Garner Architects

We recently designed and implemented a website for Liverpool-based architect Francis Garner. Francis has spent most of his career working for large architecture practices and didn’t have an existing website of his own so we had to start from scratch.

download (1)

Francis’s growing portfolio needed showcasing so that his work could be seen at its best. We designed an area on the website for his portfolio which split into Commercial and Residential sectors with the option to add more sectors in the future.

download (3)

Each portfolio entry is fully editable. Images can be added for new entries and to existing ones. Along with the text attached to each entry, there is the option for an interactive map with the projects’ location and galleries showing images from all stages of the project, from sketches to the finished structure.


The site has a client area which allows Francis’s clients to access exclusive material and sign off pieces of work without needing to physically meet. The clients are given unique login details to the area which is designed to smooth the communication process between Francis and his clients.

download (4)

As standard for web design and development nowadays, we made the Francis Garner Architects site responsive for use on mobile devices.

download (7)

download (9)


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